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PIBM’s Training Pedagogies

PIBM’s Training Pedagogies

At PIBM, we believe that the way you learn in Business Management is just as important as what you learn. Over the years, we’ve been driven by this philosophy and have developed strong pillars of Unique Training Pedagogies. Our training pedagogies are one of those parameters that make us stand out in the crowd of thousands of Business Management Institutes. PIBM has a strong grip overtraining which makes us one of the Top Management Institutes providing Management Courses in Pune.

Our Unique Training Pedagogies are something we take pride in mentioning. It includes a combination of lectures, conceptual discussions, live demonstrations, business projects, corporate interactions, case analysis with discussions, Model & Strategy designing followed by implementation and presentations. We emphasize on practical training of students, which helps them gain real-time market insights of various different industries and sectors. PIBM's industry recognized training approach for blending theory with compulsory hands-on practice & learning, assures that our students will learn more than they thought.

Our training and development process are frequently supported by Corporate Training Programs, Campus Training Programs, and Advanced Functional Training etc. PIBM’s holistic approach towards training ensures proper learning and equal development of the students. Through various training approaches like SCPS approach , Comparative Analysis Methodology, Experiential Learning, JD Based Training, PIBM ensures 360-degree training and development of the students where the students gain knowledge, market insights and develops decision-making skills for penetrating into the corporate world.

PIBM has been the pioneer in developing the SCPS approach of training where SCPS stands for Sector - Company - Product/Service aspect of learning any Management concept. With the SCPS methodology, any topic which is taught is explained with real-world application in various sectors, on different products or services of several companies which helps in clarifying that management strategies vary in different sectors for different products or services. Through our standardized pattern of SCPS training, we check whether students are gaining only theoretical concepts or if they are also able to apply it in real-corporate-like-situations.

Over the years, PIBM has made Training more Application & Logic Oriented where students are trained in developing Analytical Skills by imbibing Comparative Analysis methodology in teaching & training of Management Concepts.

At PIBM, we believe Learning by doing is Master Learning. Our students develop their Business Management Skills through Experiential Learning Methodology which incorporates learning from experts, simulation exercises & implementation on real-life cases. This process of Experiential Learning involves the creation of Business Environment followed by simulation of Practical Application of Business Theories which in turn help students in the proper understanding of the corporate world.

We have incorporated the Job Descriptions & KRAs of various Job Profiles from various domains like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Business Analytics Consulting, etc. of the Industry into our training methodology. JD Based Training help the students to get acquainted with the job profile in the industry and as well as the competencies required as per Job Descriptions.