Education Does Not Only Happen in the Classroom


Corporate Events and Guests at PIBM

Corporate session PIBM

What do you think is the best way to learn in Management? Reading books? Attending the lectures? Doing assignments? Yes, these are there but without practical experience it’s incomplete. At PIBM, one of the most important parts of our Training and Development is by exposing the students to real life corporate situations and challenges. Our students are provided with WIP, SIP and Live Projects which help them gain that most awaited taste of the corporate world. But what apart from that? Internships and Live Projects are periodical and last on an average for 1 – 8 weeks. What about the rest of the year when they are not on any internships or projects? How do they still get those corporate insights?

Corporate session PIBM

At PIBM Pune , we’ve started inviting corporates down to our campus so that they can share their journey in the corporate world with the students. Corporates from diverse sectors and industries come down to our campus to share their journey, challenges in the corporate world and how they have overcome the challenges. It helps students gain a prospective idea of corporate blueprint. Students start developing their thought process around these.

One of the most valuable points of these sessions is that the students are able to interact with the corporates and learn directly from their experience and knowledge. At PIBM we have over 300+ Corporate Guest who trains our students using unique programs to foster leadership, problem-solving techniques, analytical mindset, effective communication, and organizational skills.

Corporates also share real-life scenarios and market insights with the students in order to help their corporate insights grow. The more they know the more knowledge they gain.

We also arrange Corporate Events for the students. Events like Corporate Weekends, CEO Charisma, International Conference, FMCG Day, Pioneer Convergence, Manufacturing Day, Leadership Next, Tech Hour, and etc. help the students gain knowledge about various diverse sectors and industries. Through these events, our MBA & PGDM students are exposed to rich and real-time market insights which in turn help them during their practical training and development in the market.

PIBM ensures that Corporate Interactions are not just limited to classrooms, by providing a bigger platform to students. Throughout the year, PIBM conducts various events which see many Corporate Heads visiting the campus for Panel Discussions and Knowledge sharing interaction sessions ensuring more opportunities for students to interact and learn directly from the Industry Experts. CEOs, VPs, Head of Departments visit in order to interact with the students.