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Winter Internship Program [WIP] 2018: One of the USP’s of PIBM, Pune

Winter Internship Program [WIP] 2018: One of the USP’s of PIBM, Pune

Winter Internship Program (WIP), it is one of the unique internships followed in PIBM, Pune. This internship is solely designed to give a kick off start to the students of PIBM in the corporate world.

Winter Internship Program (WIP) 2018, is one of the Internships for MBA students in PIBM, Pune. This internship helps in fostering PIBM student’s Conceptual, Analytical and Interpersonal Skills, Practical Experience, Leadership and Knowledge in real time environment. PIBM provides Winter Internship Programs in various domains, where students get the Practical Exposure and learn the Real Time Business Environment during this internship.

Internships for MBA students are considered as one of the most important part of learning as students are given the Practical exposure to the Corporate world where students get the real time knowledge of Skills, Attitude, Domain, etc required in an organization.

Understanding the needs of today’s Corporate World and following the same path, At PIBM students get the opportunity to pursue a month long Winter Internship (WIP). This Internship helps them to have a clear understanding of how industries functions, what are the various profiles and their roles in an organization & what Skill sets & Knowledge are required to work in an industry.

Winter Internship Program (WIP) is provided to students after the completion of their first semester. Every students pursuing MBA in PIBM is sent for their WIP. This Internship let students explore the real life challenges that they learn during their program. It also gives the student the opportunity to engage and understand the various roles played across various divisions in the organization.

Students pursuing their MBA in PIBM gets an added advantage during their Winter Internship as students are expose to the real time practical scenario of the corporate world. Where they understand how each and every organization perform and what are the skill sets required to complete the task.

The main motive of this WIP is that every student pursuing MBA in PIBM must understand on which Domain & Profile they want to be, must be clear to them so that in times choosing their specialization students are able to choose it. This fills the knowledge gap between Classroom Theories & Practical Knowledge.

Every students are given the opportunity to choose their choice of Sector, Company & Profile in which they want to do their Internship. This gives a boost to the students as they become more comfortable while they go for their next Internships & Live Projects. Students of PIBM also gains additional exposure as compared to the rest of the MBA Institute. This is one of the USP’s of PIBM.

Winter Internship Program [WIP] 2018: One of the USP’s of PIBM, Pune

In Winter Internship Program (WIP) 2018, we bring an experience shared by one of the students of Pune Institute Business Management (PIBM). Ms. Nishkala Shivakale, who is currently pursuing her PGDM, she did her 1-month long internship with Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. And shared her experience of what she has learned during her Internship. She stated that, “I like Crafts & Art, because I like to create something new from the ordinary”. She believes that with the corporation and support of all the people associated with her, she can become a great leader.

Understanding her goals and the desire to achieve in life, PIBM gave her the platform to expose herself in the corporate world, where her role was to handle Customer Services & Loyalty Program. Where she learned how to interact with customers make them aware about the USS Preview Sales and other offers. Which in turn helped her to understand her customer and their preference of offers in the store and in turn helped her to enrolled more customer in the Loyalty Program.

Similarly, there are many students who got the opportunity to work in various MNC’s and top companies during their Internships and got to learn & understand the Corporate World.