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Importance of Internships for MBA/PGDM Graduates

Importance of Internships for MBA/PGDM Graduates

Applying for an MBA/PGDM program is a life-changing decision. However, undertaking an internship is considered to be one of the main practical aspects for management students. Honing your skills and boosting your qualifications is certainly a step towards improving your chances to become successful.

Why should you pursue Internships during your MBA/PGDM

  • Industry-Exposure: Theories learned in the classroom will not reap you benefits until you learn the practical application of them. The internship provides a hands-on experience of how industry functions in real. Here, students learn by doing which enables them to understand & apply the business concepts in the real world.
  • Preview of Role & Responsibilities: Internship is an excellent platform to gain the relevant experience, skills, and knowledge of a specific industry or field. It also gives a glimpse of roles & responsibilities you’d be dealing with if choose to work for that industry.
  • Enhance Your Resume: Whether you are a fresher or not, internships help to enhance your Resume. You can always mention the projects you were deployed at during the tenure of your internship.
  • Strategic Networking: Being an intern exposes you to excellent professional connections inside and outside the company. Don’t make connections only because they can help you to land the desired job profile, also look for contacts that can act as mentors or coaches throughout your career.
  • Convert Internship into a Pre-Placement Offer: During the internship, employers get a chance to see you in action. Many companies look to their own interns as the best potential candidates for full-time positions. An MBA/PGDM internship will not guarantee you a full-time position, however, if you performed well, there’s a good chance the company will extend you a job offer once you graduate.

Internships provide great opportunity to work closely with seasoned professionals in your respective field and to develop knowledge, competencies, and experience related directly to your career goals. If managed tactfully, internships will land you new contacts, mentors, and references.