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The Future of HR

The Future of HR

The next few years will be a time of some drastic changes in the rapidly advancing digital workplace. The combination of trends from the death of classical hierarchies to a new focus on inclusion, productivity and innovation will emerge. To understand what the future holds for human resources (HR) professionals, scroll down:

  • Digitalize HR: From hefty employee record files to one-touch apps, HR has gone through a major digital makeover. Organizations are now focusing to provide a holistic HR resource center for submission of leave, claims, tracking medical and lifestyle benefits, and internal job postings. Digital platforms are remarkably saving time, cost & manual-labor.
  • Shift from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience: With a huge number of millennials working in the corporates, arises the need for more engaging & enjoyable workplaces. Today, delivering an outstanding employee experience even becomes more crucial because the attrition of talent is shooting-up rapidly. HR needs to come up with innovative solutions to retain the right talent in the organization.
  • Online Reputation Management: In the world where everything is going digital right from the shopping to job hunting, organizations should diligently maintain their online reputation. Employees are more aware than ever in the history of mankind. They know what they deserve & what other opportunities are out there in the market. Moreover, the platform to express theiropinion in the public domain is always at the tip of their finger. A negative opinion from an existing employee can shake the trust of other deserving prospective recruits.

Employees are the greatest strength of any organization. In coming years you can expect to witness the rise of more engaged & digitalized workplaces. One thing we can say for sure, however, is that technology will continue to impact HR and the way they operate. In order to stay ahead of the game, HR executives should begin preparing their organizations as soon as possible.