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Marketing Analytics


Marketing Analytics is one of the most important tools used by Managers to measure, manage, and analyze the marketing performance of their own company or clients in an effort to maximize the effectiveness of marketing programs and thus optimize their turns on investment (ROI).

At PIMS students are exhaustively trained on Marketing Analytics and concepts are taught using Microsoft Excel so that the students can easily solve any analytics problem given to them using excel. Case studies are used to enhance the understanding of the concept and its application. Throughout the course, students are trained on the importance of marketing analytics and on important metrics which include:

  • Sales Revenue & Cost per conversion
  • Online Marketing ROI
  • Retail & Retailer Tracking and Sales Management
  • B2B Sales Funnel
  • Pricing & Trade Promotions
  • Demand Forecasting for Supply
  • Profit maximization with Inventory / Stock-out
  • Market Research: STP, Decision Making (decision tress), Product design
  • Understanding the Customer Base, Brand equity and Advertising Research
How It Helps?

By the end of 2 Yr. program and Marketing Analytics training with live projects on various companies, PIMS students:

  • Develop the deep understanding of various marketing metrics as well as hands-on experience to increase their proficiency of Marketing Domain
  • Become more data oriented for taking important decisions or creating marketing strategies
  • Become more oriented towards time, cost and overall ROI with respect to all marketing campaigns