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Publications by PIBM Trainers:

Sr No. Name of Topic Author Magazine Link
1 The future of career and opportunities in Travel and tourism Mr. David Hangsing The Knowledge Review
2 Career opportunities in Entrepreneurship Dr. Rajasshrie Pillai The Knowledge Review
3 The importance and impact of recreational activities in the educational curriculum Ms. Rituparna Devi The Knowledge Review
4 The influence of technology in the education industry Ms. Pratima Singh The Knowledge Review
5 How Annual reports are the best learning tools for management students Mr. Raman Preet The Observer of Management Studies
6 Usage of Formative Assessment Method for Higher Education Ms. Palak Sharma The Observer of Management Studies
7 psychologists in our daily lives as well educational lives Ms. Palak Sharma Youth Incorporated
8 Career opportunities in Travel and Tourism Mr. G Pravin Kumar Youth Incorporated
9 Augmenting Sales management training by developing sales skills Ms. Palak Sharma Youth Incorporated
10 Technology in education industry Mr. Ram Manohar Youth Incorporated