Date: 19th October 2019

Venue: Pune Institutes of Business Management [PIBM] Pune

The FMCG industry is facing deeper challenges due to not only a struggling economy but peculiar behavior of consumers - predominantly those from the new age. Changing lifestyles and demographic shifts have brought forth novel expectations of customers from their day to day staples and personal care shopping carts. On the other hand tremendous competition among existing brands for the share of wallet with local counterparts, have pushed the startups and MSMEs into creating special categories of products while attracting consumer trials. Some of these emerging categories having focused towards health and convenience and have already elicited consumers’ interests, inquiries and trials.

Integrating with product challenges - designing and creating of channels while protecting of interest for all stakeholders in the so called sharing economy - also necessitates companies to create novel channels integrating offline and the online versions making the total transformation of the business models literally inevitable.

Topics of Discussion:

Session 1 - Emergence of innovative categories in FMCG Sector
Session 2 - Business Model transformation in FMCG Sector