Education Does Not Only Happen in the Classroom



Date: 6th Oct 2018

Venue: Pune Institute of Business Management [PIBM] Pune

PIBM successfully conducted “Techniche”, an event aimed at bringing together the brightest minds in IT industry management to interact with our students. Today, every industry is focused on keeping pace with the rapidly evolving technology, realizing the need for digitization in workplaces.

Blockchain, Micro services, Cloud, are all innovations that have made their way into today’s industry. However just implementing a certain technological innovation is just half the job done. Analysts are required to measure the impact of these technologies in the market and more importantly, the consumers.

To ponder upon this transformation trend in India, PIBM organized a symposium of Analytics and Digital Industry experts.

Topics of discussion were:

  • The Value of Data and Analytics in Digital Transformation
  • Expanding Innovation and value throughout the world
  • How are Analytics and Digital Transforming Business Models
  • The role of Analytics and Digital in Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations and Supply Chain
  • The role of Analytics and Digital in creating better Customer Experience
  • How are business adopting Advanced Analytics like AI, Deep Learning and NLP

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