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Innovating Retail

Innovating Retail

Date: 14th October 2017

Venue: Pune Institute of Business Management [PIBM] Pune

PIBM has organized a Retail Event “Innovating Retail – Thinking Retail Thinking Innovation”. The discussion Topic was on “Building Next Generation of Talent in Retail” Wherein, corporates shared their views on the era of digital Revolution, it is essential for retail leaders and human resources professionals to realize the impact of the fast-paced, ever-changing digitalization in their jobs and workplaces – not only today but in the future as well. To serve a digitally empowered consumer, PIBM has organized Retail Day in order to fulfill the need for retail associates to be trained in the digital mindset as well. This discussion leads to directions and developing trends within the HR domain in the light of the digital boom.

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